Friday, November 6, 2015

2nd Grade - Remembrance Poppies

Students can create a multi-media Veterans Day project using tempera painted coffee filters, a watercolored newspaper collage, and a note letting us know "A Poppy is to Remember."

4th Grade - Word Pictures

Students can use describing colored words to fully form a personally selected image.

5th Grade - X-Ray Hands

Students can use knowledge of bone anatomy to create a chalk pastel drawing of a hand x-ray.

Kindergarten - Kandinsky Circles

After studying artist Wassily Kandinsky, students can draw concentric circles, coloring rotationally to fill the entire space.

4th Grade - Illuminated Manuscripts

Students can create their own illuminated manuscript using ruler measurements, an illustration of a bible verse or prayer, and a fancy border and initial.

2nd Grade - Cross Silhouettes

Students can create paintings with a cross silhouette using wax resist and mixing primary colors.

7th/8th Grade - One Point Perspective Cities

Students can draw a city using knowledge of architecture, value shading, and 1 point perspective.

3rd grade - Symmetrical Autumn Trees

Students can create a symmetrical reflection of fall trees using Y shapes, burnishing, mono-printing, and stippling.

5th Grade - Patterned Symbols

Students can create a symbol using positive and negative space with color, lines, and shapes patterns. 

2nd Grade - Symmetrical Name Bugs

Students can create a symmetrical bug using folding, scissor cutting, and reflective writing.